Monday, September 16, 2013

For Keeps

Tammy and Dan are joined by Dave to review the horror movie masquerading as a comedy, For Keeps.

You can find Dave everywhere :-)  But you can start at the DVM Podcast Empire.



  1. I don't think this was ever supposed to be a comedy. It was an interesting watch back in the day, it was a bit like an afterschool special though. It dealt with teen pregnancy but of course it was so much better than the real thing.

    In real life they broke up and he went to school without her. They said they'd stay together but those trips home on weekends became less and less and by the time summer came around they were through.

    Her mom was all supper supportive till her mom remembered what it was like to have a baby again. Then either she shirked the baby on her mom and went down a bad path, or she had to leave and find a place on her own for her and the baby... not sure, I haven't completely rewritten it.

    Flash forward to the baby turning 18, Dad is taking all of the credit because he decided now it was time to remember he had a kid, and mom is blamed for everything that's wrong with the kid. That sound about right?

    Sorry if that got dark. I think this was the last of the Molly Ringwald movies, or the last of my memory, which is a little too on the nose. I know I watched this a lot later than when it was made, it was a library VHS rental, as I watched it my brother and his then GF were expecting their first kid. Bro was 17, she was 16. Her parents violently kicked her out and she moved in with us, so watching this was a bit surreal, and very hollywood in comparison to what was actually going on in my house.

    Hope you had fun with it, I wonder how very dated it is. *presses play on the podcast*

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